So why Islandshire Days ?

Partly because of where we live, inland from the North Sea, high up, looking towards  the Valley of the Tweed and the Lammermuir Hills to the north, and Cheviot to the south.

Islandshire was originally an administrative enclave of the County Palatinate of Durham. Post 1066, William the Conqueror parcelled out great swathes of the north to his barons, on condition that they helped protect England against the Scots. Giving the dangerous area called Islandshire, presumably named after the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, to the Bishop of Durham, was a canny move, as he was less likely to produce heirs. Male heirs fell out over inheritance, and then took sides against each other, usually joining one or other of the Reiver families. The subsequent feuding weakened the defence of the realm.

This site  is all about what inspires us, gets us thinking, writing, image-making, photographing, weaving, knitting, drawing, brainstorming. You’ll find examples of Ana’s knitting and weaving, and  photos of her own small flock of sheep…. along with Nick’s short stories, drawings, prints, some current projects, past publications and a CV.

Do get back to us if you’d like to, let us know what you think too !

Nick and Ana

Latest posts :

A Sketchbooks View of Northumberland Farmsteads

On these pages, some sketches of farmsteads, most in the landscape between Wooler and Berwick, and reflections on changes in agriculture over the centuries.

Cheviot over a year : Changing moods

“Special Feeture…Next Steps?

In “Thinking Aloud”, two pieces, links below, one ahead of a discussion with Patrick Holden, who ran the Soil Association for twenty years before setting up the Sustainable Food Trust.

The programme, “What in Earth” was broadcast on 7th November 2017 on Resonance Radio 

Soil – A Dirty Word 

and reflection on tourism and travel – Is it better to travel than arrive, or arrive than travel?

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Some previous posts :

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